The Vampire Diaries S08E09 – The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch

Stefan and Damon return to Mystic Falls at Sybil’s request as she continues to be in search of the historic artifact. Bonnie returns from Paris sporting a vile of Enzo’s blood making Caroline, marvel if she is going to develop into a vampire. Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Bonnie and Enzo all attend the Miss Mystic Falls pageant the place Sybil continues to taunt Damon with reminiscences of Elena.
The Vampire Diaries - The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch

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The vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore, everlasting adolescents, having been main "regular" lives, hiding their bloodthirsty situation, for hundreds of years, shifting on earlier than their non-getting old is observed. They’re again in the Virginia city the place they turned vampires. Stefan is noble, denying himself blood to keep away from killing, and tries to regulate his evil brother Damon, who promised to Stefan an eternity of distress. Stefan falls in love with schoolgirl Elena, who has an uncanny resemblance to the Salvatore brothers previous love, Katherine; and whose greatest good friend Bonnie, is a witch.

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