The Fosters S04E15 – Sex Ed

Jude feels uneducated about homosexual intercourse ed, so he tries to realize some private expertise by way of a telephone app; Callie presents her senior undertaking to her class, however the faculty admin disapproves of the idea.
The Fosters - Sex Ed

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Stef Foster and Lena Adams, a lesbian couple, have a household of adopted, organic, and foster youngsters. Mariana and Jesus are adopted 15 yr previous twins and Brandon is Stef’s sixteen yr previous organic son from a earlier marriage. Every part goes regular in the home. Till Callie and Jude arrive. sixteen yr previous Callie Jacob and her 12 yr previous brother, Jude, have been to many various foster houses. However once they get positioned with the Fosters, issues start to occur. On this collection, the Foster’s will cope with many various points together with, hook ups, break ups, romances, and necessary life classes.

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