The Flash S03E02 – Paradox

Barry realizes the consequences from Flashpoint are a lot larger than he thought. In the meantime, Barry meets new co-employee Julian Albert and is stunned by Julian’s instant disdain for Barry.
The Flash - Paradox

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Barry Allen is a Central Metropolis police forensic scientist with a fairly joyful life, regardless of the childhood trauma of a mysterious purple and yellow being killing his mom and framing his father. All that modifications when an enormous particle accelerator accident results in Barry being struck by lightning in his lab. Popping out of coma 9 months later, Barry and his new buddies at STAR labs discover that he now has the power to maneuver at superhuman velocity. Moreover, Barry learns that he’s however one among many affected by that occasion, most of whom are utilizing their powers for evil. Decided to make a distinction, Barry dedicates his life to preventing such threats, as The Flash. Whereas he positive aspects allies he by no means anticipated, there are additionally secret forces decided to assist and manipulate him for their very own agenda.

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