The 100 S03E14 – Red Sky at Morning

Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper hit a tragic roadblock. In the meantime, Raven and Monty make an essential discovery.
The 100 - Red Sky at Morning

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The collection is about ninety seven years after a devastating nuclear conflict worn out virtually all life on Earth. The solely recognized survivors are the residents of twelve area stations in Earth’s orbit previous to the struggle. The area stations banded collectively to type a single large station named "The Ark", the place about 2,four hundred individuals stay. Assets are scarce and all crimes regardless of their nature or severity are punishable by dying ("floating") until the perpetrator is underneath 18 years of age. After the Ark’s life help methods are discovered to be critically failing, 100 juvenile prisoners are declared "expendable" and despatched to the floor in a final ditch try to find out if Earth is liveable once more. The teenagers arrive on a phenomenal planet they’ve solely seen from area. Confronting the risks of this rugged new world, they wrestle to type a tentative group. Nevertheless they uncover that not all humanity was worn out. There are individuals on Earth who survived the warfare, referred to as "grounders" by the 100. The …

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