Beyond S01E03 – Ties That Bind

Holden continues to attempt to match again into his life and learns how a lot issues have actually modified whereas he was in his coma. Holden seeks an evidence for his new powers and agrees to a scary enterprise to study extra about what occurred to him. His first actual reminiscence of the place he was throughout his coma proves to be an excessive amount of for Holden to deal with. In the meantime, Holden and Willa develop nearer, and Yellow Jacket makes a daring transfer in his quest to get to Holden.
Beyond - Ties That Bind


Close to the Enemy S01E03 – Episode 3

Everybody places apart their variations in the seek for Lotte, however Callum is pressured to make a troublesome selection between his brother and the orders from his superiors. Believing he’s free to each shield and prosecute the Germans as he sees match, Callum ultimately brings Kathy some details about scientists who’ve been taken to protected homes and given new identities. Kathy and Callum work collectively to forestall somebody necessary from leaving the nation. With encouragement from her husband Alex, Rachel, a fascinating Anglophile American, will get nearer to Callum.
Close to the Enemy - Episode 3

Planet Earth II S01E03 – Jungles

Jungles present the richest habitats on the planet – mysterious worlds of excessive drama the place extraordinary animals try and survive in probably the most aggressive place on earth. Flooded forests are house to caiman-searching jaguars and unusual dolphins that swim amongst the tree tops, whereas within the dense underworld, ninja frogs battle off wasps and flying dragons soar between timber. Acrobatic indri leap by way of the forests of Madagascar, whereas the jungle night time conceals unusual fungi and glow-in-the-darkish creatures by no means filmed earlier than.
Planet Earth II - Jungles